Powder Coating

CMM specializes in powder coating any product you may need. Our advanced equipment offers you hundreds of colors, textures and glosses that yield a variety of attractive and durable finishes.

The benefits of powder coating include:

  • Durability - Powder coatings are extremely durable, and various types are formulated to endure the severity of chemicals, abrasion and chipping or ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.

  • Finish variety - The latest paint technology has resulted in texture, wrinkle, hammer-tone, as well as smooth film powder coatings in any level of gloss.

  • Color variety - Powder coatings are available in a wide array of colors and can be specially matched on request.

  • Higher quality - Before baking, parts painted with liquid paint have a strong tendency to attract dust particles that mar the final finish. Because powder coatings are dry before baking, they attract virtually no dust, leading to a better quality finish.