Sheet Metal Fabrication

Creative Mold is a customer-driven, full service leader in precision sheet metal craftsmanship, we provide OEM's, contract manufacturers and other customers with dependable turnkey service..... one stop sourcing.

Our sophisticated equipment, skilled staff and meticulous attention to quality insure that your outsoursed products will arrive on time and fully compliant with your mission critical specifications and requirements. Many of our customers tell us that it is our unsurpassed service and friendly business manners that distinguish Creative Mold from other leaders in our industry. We want each customer to not only get products of uncompromising quality but also enjoy doing business with Creative Mold.

We are large enough to have the technical expertise and equipment necessary to do your job, yet agile and flexible enough to respond to the unique needs of each individual customer. At Creative Mold we sell more than precision sheet metal..... we sell service and dependable relationships. Our goal is to become a transparent extension of your own manufacturing operation.